The Church
Church Flag
The Church's Flag
Name The Church
Age 2,500 standard years
Type of government Theocracy
Ruler Emperor Riess
Capital Thran d'ruk
Population roughly 80 billion citizens
Main Species Thandor


Size Roughly 80,000 planets
Military size 4 billion soldiers

100,000 fleet ships

Currency Kaserk
Official Language Common Galactic Standard

The Church is a major galactic superpower within the Galaxy, a religious society built on the beliefs that they, as well as all other life in the galaxy, was created by a mysterious alien race known as the Progenitors. Believing that they are the chosen of the Progenitors, the Church aims to convert all other life within the Galaxy to the Way, the main religion that all members of the Church follow. With their caste society, the Church can focus on different aspects of running an empire easily. They are open to empires that wish to join them, accepting them happily. However, those who refuse to join are so-called "heretics" and earn the hate and disrespect of the Church, who will do all in their power to destroy whatever defiles the Way and its teachings throughout the Galaxy.


The Church first started out 2,500 years ago, before the formation of the Stellar Union. The Church started out when the Thandor race made their first hyperspace jump, and discovered a huge spaceship outside of their home system. Amazed by the existence of a supposedly much more advanced empire before them, they explored inside the ship and discovered technology much more advanced than their own at the time. They named this the God Ship, and managed to translate some of the data within the ship's computers. Apparently, it belonged to an ancient race of aliens called the Progenitors, who existed many millions of years ago and somehow seeded the Galaxy's planets with life. From what information the Thandor could collect, they developed a religion known as the Way which depicted the theology of the gods known as the Progenitors, who were depicted with different personalities and purposes. From this, they formed the Church, which would become a galactic superpower in some centuries.


Society & CultureEdit