The purpose of the Argentix Universe is to unleash imaginative creations into a Universe filled with adventures, stories, characters and creatures! It is a wiki for those who feel as if they need to unleash the impossible. The Argentix Universe is a collaborative fictional world, where you can ask for feedbacks, as more skilled users in this area will help you in your task of completing your characters, locations, creatures or stories.


The creator of the Argentix Universe is an imaginative mind that belongs to a soul called Lewis Quinn, he created this Universe, filled of life.



  • Stellar Union- An ever-expanding, galaxy-wide empire housing extremely advanced technology
  • The Defiance- A small group of rebels fighting the tyrannical rule of the Stellar Union.
  • The Church- A large religious empire based on the ____theistic religion of ____.
  • The Swarm- An extraordinarily large extragalactic empire of the _____ species and their parasitic bio-weapons.